The New York Times

On Thursday, January 5, the Home & Garden section of the New York Times published an article titled, With a Wave in Mind Comes a Table, describing the design inspiration behind it and main features of Manulution's extraordinary Wave Dining Table


"The Wave Dining Table, by Salih Teskeredzic, a Bosnian furniture designer, was inspired by the Neretva River, which overflowed during a storm in the autumn of 2010. “The waves that day gave me the idea of the wave, the shape of it,” said Mr. Teskeredzic, 49.

The maple table he created for Manulution, an American subsidiary of the Bosnian furniture company Rukotvorine, has a wavelike edge and five hand-carved wooden containers on top: one holds a slender plastic flower vase; another is designed to hold a glass container for a votive candle; and the rest are intended for things like chocolates, salt and pepper shakers or nuts.

The table, which is 90 1/2 inches long and 39 1/2 inches wide, is $5,998 in maple. Information: (800) 309-2500 or To custom order in walnut, for $6,283, or in cherry, for $6,077, contact Manulution at (202) 621-8167. " (By Elaine Louie, The New York Times, Home & Garden, January 5, 2012)