Interior Innovation Award 2012

Ombra Table, designed by Jasna Mujkic, was awarded the Interior Innovation Award 2012, one of the most prestigious awards of the furnishing sector world-wide. This award was launched in 2002 by Imm Cologne, which provides the idea behind the competition. The organiser is the German Design Council.


Ombra Table will be shown in the special exhibition for the Interior Innovation Award 2012 during the Imm Cologne 2012 and LivingInteriors.

The top of the Ombra Coffee Table is constructed by joining together tiny “Penrose Prototiles” in solid walnut. These specific prototiles are named after Sir. Roger Penrose, a famous British mathematician who first investigated them in 1970s. The prototiles have remarkable geometric and visual properties. For one, they are aperiodic, meaning that a shifted copy of the original set of prototiles will never look the same. The pattern does not repeat!

The designer, Jasna Mujkic, joined the prototiles in the table top in a way to create an abstract tree shade. Its ornamental surface is not due to the application of a decorative art: the very structure of the table is ornamental. As the designer put it, “watching the surface of this table is equivalent to watching a river flow, the image is always the same but we never get bored. It resembles the scattered shade of a tree."

Ombra table is made of small pieces of walnut wood, left over in furniture production. Walnut tree needs 80 to 100 years to grow. It is beautiful in it's natural state. Every little part is valuable. What will otherwise be a waste in production process is used to make this table.